Can Cats Eat Pineapple? Why Cat Food Brands Include it in the Cat Food?

I was going through my news feed when I got a glance of a question raised by an individual “Can cats eat pineapple?”, that left me all staggered and confused. Many of us might not have heard of it before so I decided to dig deeper into this and here is what I got:

Yes, cats do eat pineapples, but all that matters is quantity. If given, it must not be excessive. Controlled amounts of pineapple bites are safe despite being a little toxic. Pineapples contain manganese which is a great source of nutrients like vitamin B6 and C, proteins, Fiber etc. However, there is still much to know.

Can Cats Eat Pineapple?

This question is most relevant for the people raising feline animals, and the answer is Yes. But if given, it must not be excessive. Controlled amounts of pineapple bites are safe despite being a little toxic.

Excess of everything makes it unfavorable, either for humans or animals. Pineapples contain an enzyme called actinidain, which some cats may be allergic to. Also, it contains a high amount of fructose that is likely to cause diarrhea or vomiting to cats.

Other than adverse effects, there are predominantly advantageous facts as well. Pineapples are a good source of manganese, which is very beneficial for cats, that provide various important nutrients to a cat’s body. These nutrients may include vitamin C, B6, fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.

There is a noteworthy difference between the freshly grown pineapples and canned ones. Obviously, fresh pineapples will give freshness to the cats just like humans, while canned pineapples are just an extraordinary source of sugar in the name of sweetness.

Things To Know Before Feeding Pineapple To Cats

Canned fruits contain an excess of added sugar, which, I suggest, is not good for your feline friend. Cats are unable to taste sweetness, so the added sugar would only add unnecessary calories to your cat’s diet and ultimately body fat, making it a chubby. So do not feed canned fruits to your cats.


can cats eat pineapple leaves or skin

Image telling can cats eat pineapple leaves


Do not feed your cat pineapple skin and rotten fruit. The thorny skin could damage your cat’s intestines, and the rotten fruit is very likely to cause diarrhea.

Never feed your cat more than a few pineapple pieces in a single sitting. While a few pieces might sound like a very small amount to you, it’s an okay amount for a cat who is a lot smaller than you.

Never feed your cat with a bunch of pineapple bites! Always nourish them with a few slices or pieces of pineapples.

Pineapple juice contains a high amount of sugar, which is not safe for cats. So, you should avoid giving pineapple juice to your cat.

Avoid canned food at every cost!

Healthy Benefits Of Feeding Pineapple To Cats

The sweet and tangy blend of flavor enriched in nutrients seemed healthy for the cats, dogs, or any animal as they are for humans.

Fruits and vegetables are always said to be necessities of life due to the flood of nutrients in them. We all crave for them, especially in the scorching heat. Then why not animals? They also demand watery and juicy stuff, and pineapple is succulent!

Pineapples (excluding artificially sweetened store-bought cans) are:

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Low in carbs and calories
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Helping with cholesterol balance

All these benefits are necessities for feline furball’s everyday diet. Every cat food manufacturer assures that these essentials are used in manufactured food, so that means that it makes pineapple essential for cats? Well, not exactly!


healthy benefits of feeding pineapple to cats

image with benefits of feeding pineapple to cats

Is Pineapple Good for Your Cat?

From folate to zinc, pineapple bursts with vitamins and minerals that can help your cat or dog’s digestion and immune system. Like any other sugary fruit, it is best to feed pineapple to pets in small quantities. The spikey skin and hardcore should be removed before giving to a pet to prevent choking hazards.

However, again, we get to think that is pineapple good for cats? As I’ve already mentioned that cats are carnivores. So can they treat themselves with pineapples?

If we talk about cats, pineapples may result in no less than digestive upset!

As obligate carnivores, cats need meat-based food. But, the cat’s digestive system is not simply made to process or break down nutrients and energy from the plant-based matter.

From the smallest member of the feline family, all the way up to the tiger, Earth’s largest cat, they are not well optimized for processing plant-based fibers. They lack the digestive enzymes necessary to break down and extract nutrients from plant-based fiber, fruits, and vegetables.

Surprisingly, there are cat food manufacturers that use pineapple in their products. Why? Flashback: Pineapple is not so toxic for cats. Their excess is!

How Much Pineapple To Give To Your Cat?

Pineapple, just like other fruits, has excellent detox properties. It is packed with vitamin C and can boost the immune system. What’s more desired, it’s also a good source of fiber and is super low in calories. Woah!

After nutritional analysis of different cat brands, two brands were found to have pineapple formulas, “GO and Almo Nature.” Above mentioned factors make it a clean ingredient in formulas that focus mainly on protein intake, weight management, and a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget the fact that just a little amount of pineapple is to be used for cats. Do keep this in mind that feline organism is different from the human one. And even a few tiny cubes of this fruit can be too much for cats.


how much pineapple to give to my cat

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Should You Feed Canned Pineapples Or Not?

According to a survey commissioned by the Canned Food Alliance (CFA) in 2011, 84% of Americans prepare or eat meals stored in cans a couple of times a month and 34% rely on them at least three times a week.

But does it prove that canned foods are good for health? I must say that it isn’t always health-giving and has many pros and cons either for humans or animals.

Advantages of Canned Foods

Let me mention a few advantages of canned foods:

  • It is budget-friendly (in some areas maybe).
  • It is the best convenience if a busy schedule. Fresh vegetables and fruits have a hard time beating the convenience canned foods can offer for those with busy lifestyles.
  • They have long shelf lives, maybe 2 to 5 years from the manufacturing date.
  • Canned fruits have been processed within hours of harvesting, which is when they are at the peak of their freshness and nutritional value. This procedure helps lock in many nutrients.

Disadvantages of Canned Foods

Contrary to this, it has many disadvantages, check them out as well:

  • In a battle between fresh and canned fruits, fresh always wins. Canned fruits lose their essence with time.
  • A lot of artificial flavors are added to canned fruits (Artificial sweetening).
  • Improperly canned food is associated with botulism, a rare but serious paralytic illness caused by Clostridium botulinum bacteria.
  • Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical commonly found in aluminum and tin cans, has received much attention in recent years. Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shown BPA to be toxic even at low doses and have linked BPA exposure to many health problems.

Talking about canned pineapples for cats, you must be careful and avoid using canned pineapples as much as possible.

It has high contents of sugar and processed with harmful chemicals. Even if your pet likes the way canned pineapple tastes, it will lead to sickening side effects. If you really want to treat your kitty to some pineapple, opt for a slice of fresh, unprocessed fruit in spite of processed one.

Can Cats Eat Pineapple Leaves?

Cats eat pineapple leaves as well. But Guess what? Cats are carnivores! It means that cats are meat lovers. They must meet up their daily proteins and optimal nutritional need from meat-based food and quality cat food.

As you already know that cat behavior is unpredictable and capricious. The total area of an indoor cat’s home territory is way smaller compared to their outdoor, wild counterparts.

I have researched many cat forums online and found some interesting facts about cats eating pineapple and pineapple leaves.

Pet owners tend to think of dogs as the sort of creatures who enjoy digging and chewing, and of cats as scratchers and kneaders, but this is a false dichotomy. After all, cats chew on the thick, rubbery material that forms the outer lining of electrical cords all the time.

Care to guess what else has a thick, rubbery texture other than meat? The Pineapple Leaves! A cat may chew even an electrical cord for its satisfaction. In the same way, if you find out that your cat finds pleasure in chewing pineapple leaves, chances are it will do it repeatedly, regardless of consequences.

The crown of pineapple — the spiky bouquet of pointed, waxy leaves that sprouts from the top — are literally good, maybe not too much, but to some extent. The fibers in the leaves can be pulped and re-purposed, mostly as a food for animals.

Pineapple leaves are not specifically dangerous for cats, although they do contain sap, which looks like a milky white liquid that emerges when you pick a ripe fig. It can provoke allergic reactions as soon as it comes in contact with cat’ skin.

Pineapple leaves also contain an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme does not specifically harm cats, but just like actinidain within the fruit itself, it may stimulate swelling, bleeding, or other allergies in cats as well as humans.


There are some chances of getting allergic reactions and stomach disorders from pineapple. If you bring fresh pineapples to your house very often, then being a responsible cat owner, you should keep it away from your cat’s reach. As an occasional treat, you may give your cat some pineapples to relish. Just do not give her too much and very often. I repeat Just do not! If she doesn’t like it, preclude this fruit out of her diet. Does your cat eat pineapples? Hope this article helps you find your answer related to “can cats eat pineapple“  Let us know in the comment.

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