How Much Pineapple to Give Dog to Stop Eating Poop?

My precedent article talked about the benefits of dogs eating pineapples. The investigation does not end here as there was another essential question attached to it. How much pineapple to give the dog to stop eating poop?

The proportion of pineapple pieces given to them varies according to the size and weight of dogs. However, pineapple can help dogs stop eating their poop if 5-7 small chunks of pineapple are given to them on alternate days. The pineapple chunks should be given as snacks between meals and not as a staple diet for maximum benefit. Pineapples have a tendency to make dog poop less tempting and pleasant, which inhibits their appetite. Therefore, pineapple can help dogs stop eating their poop. 

Why Dogs Eat Poop?

Have you ever heard of Coprophagia?  Well, it is the root cause of the gross habit, which makes the poop tempting for dogs. 

It is a medical illness caused by a multiple of reasons of which two are the most important ones, so let’s talk about those.

Why Does Pineapple Stop Dogs From Eating Poop

An infographic image showing How Many pineapples to Give Dog to Stop Eating Poop


Firstly, it caused by starvation and lack of food. The dogs might be getting a sufficient amount of food, or you might be feeding them only snacks and not meals. Sometimes, dog owners do not understand the correct balance of food portions to their body ratio. 

So, often, the proportions given to the dogs does not fulfill the needs, and so it makes them restless and uncomfortable. 

Therefore, it makes the dogs hungry and tempted to eat their poop to retrieve the nutrients

Secondly, some dogs are huge food lovers, and they are always craving for more food. They love eating and could beyond limits, which makes their poop appear as delicious as a snack. They are unable to differentiate poop and food because they like to eat everything. 

However, often, dog owners also condition them to constant cravings because for every good act that their dogs learn, they give them a snack. Such a habit makes them addicted to food, and hence, they restore to poop eating to quench their hunger. 

Why Does Pineapple Stop Dogs From Eating Poop

It might be confusing as to why dogs are tempted to eat their feces? Well, it is because the poop smells pleasant to them, which triggers their appetite. 

So this problem could be fixed if their poop does not remain tempting enough, and that is what pineapple does. 

Pineapple makes the poop less appealing because it adds up to the stench keeping dogs away. This curbs the appetite of dogs, and they are longer tempted to eat their poop.

However, in some cases, some dogs have a severe behavioral problem which triggers them to eat their poop. Dogs like these require specialized training and not just pineapples.

Moreover, pineapples are widely known to treat Coprophagia, but that does not mean that the feeding guidelines should be dismissed. 

It is also be noted that giving pineapples to dogs does not 100% guarantee that it will strip off the habit of poop eating in dogs. This is because the pineapple remedy to treat Coprophagia is primarily reduced to a myth.

Hence, there is no scientific reasoning or explanation to prove how pineapples can stop dogs from eating the poop. So, it might not be useful for all the dogs who have Coprophagia. 


Regardless, if your dog has Coprophagia or not, pineapple has many health benefits. If given in the right proportion and size, pineapples have no side effects for the dogs. However, give them fresh pineapples because canned pineapples lack the nutrients that dogs need.

As far as the Coprophagia is concerned, giving pineapples is the safest and natural way to treat this issue. Moreover, pineapple is very good for dogs because it is filled with many other nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for dogs.

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